In 2000, the Government passed a Local Government Act that allowed local councils to introduce Elected Mayors. Each council had to consult local people on whether to offer them a new system of local decision-making.

Thirty communities held referendums. Twelve – including London, Middlesbrough and Stoke-on-Trent – voted to introduce directly-elected Mayors in their area.

But Liverpool City Council never offered Liverpudlians the chance to vote on the issue. No referendum. No choice.

Fortunately, the Council doesn’t have the final say.
If 5% of the people of Liverpool sign a citizens’ petition, they can force the City Council to put the issue of having an Elected Mayor to a city-wide vote. is seeking to collect at least 17,500 names on a petition to trigger a local referendum.


STEP 1. Check you’re on the Liverpool Electoral Register.

STEP 2. Download and print out a petition form NOW!

STEP 3. Sign the petition, and get family, friends and work colleagues to sign up too.

STEP 4. Post your completed petition to the following address.